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The sauce behind our brand

The first thing you'll notice when picking up one of our products is the fun, vibrant packaging. This was inspired by the energy from music throughout Latin America, starting with Reggaeton and Salsa. We wanted our packaging and overall vibe of our brand to be as much of a great time as it is dancing to your favorite songs. Influences from Reggaeton artists such as J Balvin, Bad Bunny, and Becky G give our brand more of an energetic, eclectic vibe, while the influences from other Latino Artists like Celia Cruz, Marc Anthony, and Fulanito enhances and conserves the richness and beautiful history of a huge part of the Latino culture. The same sensation felt when dancing the night away in the clubs of Miami or fiestas in Colombia is the same energy we want you to feel when enjoying our products. The feeling of a product made para mi gente!



Latino culture meets modern cannabis

Having been blessed to taste some of the most delicious dishes and treats from all over Latin-America we decided to incorporate those flavors and feelings into our products. Carefully selecting fruits inspired by their country of origin for our gummies to have you thinking of back home with every bite.

Flower and pre-rolls from Latino Farms, and even a tropical scented CBD sunscreen for the sun-lover. Todo to vivir su vida without having to worry. All perfect for your next pool party.

These are just a few of the many amazing Latin-inspired products we provide to help you Find Your Feliz.

Street in Old Havana


The values and structure of Feliz

We are committed to creating a social equity focused, vertically-inclusive cannabis brand from the sales floor to the board room. We're proud to say that Feliz is over 51% female-owned, over 51% Latinx-owned, and 100% bilingual. In order for us to be able to educate the Latino community about cannabis in a predominantly English country (America) our first priority was assuring all of our packaging, advertising, website, and overall educational content is in both Spanish as well as English. Yes, our brand is Latinx, but we're not excluding anyone, in fact, we want to include everyone in this amazingly feel-good brand. Bringing more knowledge of Cannabis to Latinos and more Latin American culture to Cannabis we've made all our products and information accessible and easily understandable for both languages. 

Our company will forever be at minimum 51% female and Latinx owned.

Authenticity matters and that will never change.



Education, giving back, and honoring the culture

Feliz is more than just a brand with products and sales. One of our main goals is to educate the Latino community about cannabis, from the beginning,  what is cannabis, to what may be in the future, such as legalization and rules around the country and the world. More times than not, whenever our CEO works, or worked, behind any cannabis counter she found herself across from only Spanish-speakers who have (had) not a clue what to purchase or where to start. Browsing the store for them was like spinning a wheel; maybe you'll land on something good or maybe you'll end up with something you really wouldn't care for. Feliz solves these problems.

Education is great, but is it enough? Not to us. Having heard how her parents made it into this country, like her mom crossing the border in terrible conditions, then seeing how hard they, and other Latinos, worked; her biggest goal in life was, and still is giving back to the community in any way she can!


Our CEO, Lorraine, wants to bring back an old program she started back when she was in school.  A childrens clothes drive that our CEO and her team personally donate to impoverished villages throughout Latin America. That way she made sure everything made it where it needed to, to the children. She also understands that there's a lot of help to be had here in the U.S. as well.


So in addition to helping in our Latin American countries Feliz is planning to assist the Latino families here. Starting with assisting farmworkers and other labor workers obtain fair, safe, working conditions. 


Lastly, supporting small minority businesses (Latinos and beyond because we all deserve the help and the shine). We know these are big goals, but that is how our culture, siempre apoyando a nuestra gente (always supporting our people).

Bringing education, philanthropy, and an overall essence of what is it to feel the true Latino vibes within the cannabis community is what you can expect with Feliz. Our wish is to connect all communities, because at the end of the day no matter the culture, community, or background we all just want to be Feliz!

Jembe Percussion Instrument

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